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Your Auburn, Alabama Development Company.

Hayley-Redd Development Company was formally established in 1990 by A.M. Redd (Buddy) and Thomas M. Hayley (Tom) as principals.


With A.M. Redd’s real estate background, owning Redd Realty Services in Atlanta, GA, and Thomas M. Hayley’s construction background, owning HY&G Inc. in Auburn, Alabama, a lifelong partnership was established. With these disciplines in real estate and construction they created Hayley-Redd Development Company, LLC. Hayley-Redd Dev. Co. began to develop a variety of properties throughout the Southeast, particularly in Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, and Florida. This dynamic relationship has created decades of development opportunities and projects. Hayley-Redd Dev. Co. continues to grow to this day.


Both principals are graduates of Auburn University, with A.M. Redd graduating in 1957 and Tom Hayley in 1977. Because of their ties to Auburn University, the development opportunities naturally migrated to Auburn, Alabama. Hayley-Redd Dev. Co. currently manages multiple real estate holdings. There are over 300 land holdings owned by Eagle Management and Redd Family Partnership. 


Commercially, a full spectrum of retail holdings, approximately one million square feet, are managed and owned by Hayley-Redd entities. Supermarkets (4), restaurants (35), office buildings (7), medical facilities (5), gameday/event rentals (10), convenience stores (17), and an array of retail shops make up the Hayley-Redd portfolio.


Residentially, over the decades, Hayley-Redd Dev. Co. has subdivided approximately 1200 acres of property in Auburn, Alabama, building over 50 roads. These projects include multifamily performance, single family conventional, and large parcel estate neighborhoods. Some of the current residential subdivisions include Donahue Ridge, Cape Reserve, Link’s Crossing, Longleaf Crossing, and Stable Creek.

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